Horizontal Marketplaces present the perfect opportunity to reach modern car shoppers where they already spend 38% of their waking hours averaging 5.4 hours per day on their smartphones. While that is a significant increase compared to last year, the number of apps they use on a daily basis is in decline. 84% of Americans report using less than 10 apps per day, signaling a preference towards simplicity and convenience of being able to accomplish a multitude of tasks on each app. If an app has only a single use, it tends to get deleted quickly or placed in a folder with the rest of the misfit apps that only get opened on holidays for a brief feeling of nostalgia.

Automotive dealers have exactly three opportunities to reach mobile users on a horizontal marketplace: FBMP, OfferUp and Craigslist. These marketplaces offer a unique opportunity that cannot be overstated in its value with current market conditions of inventory shortage. Come and learn why millions of mobile users are shopping and buying via a horizontal marketplace each year, but why dealers who are already there are selling 2x as many vehicles on that same marketplace. With a little education, dealers can also use horizontal marketplaces to find quality buyers and fresh inventory; the dual use being exactly what these marketplaces were made for. Join us to learn the ins and outs of how to fully leverage horizontal marketplaces to grow your dealership’s business for years to come.

Webinar sponsored by OfferUp Autos

Primary Learning Objectives:

  1. How to establish a brand on horizontal marketplaces that sticks with consumers until they are ready to purchase their next vehicle
  2. Test vehicle acquisition strategies from private sellers directly on horizontal marketplaces
  3. Learn to integrate horizontal marketplaces into your daily operations


Alexander Hoff

Manager, OfferUp Autos

Alexander Hoff is an experienced leader and problem solver who possesses extensive experience working with professionals in the automotive industry and is responsible for managing OfferUp’s strategic partnerships, as well as working with dealers nationwide to build and deliver meaningful car shopping experiences.

Author: Digital Dealer

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