As part of a 4-part series “Selling in a Covid-19 World”, we will discuss the setup and execution of the digital sale through a critical partnership – lenders.

With the advent of Dealertrack, Route 1, and CUDL, the lender ‘connection’ through these platforms has driven an ongoing evolution in how to further digitize the relationship. In the early 2000’s, Dealertrack’s credit application and lender network all but eradicated the role of the fax machine in getting credit/loan application approvals back from lender partners. Lenders were easier to access for dealers, and new indirect dealer partnerships delivered immediate loan volume for lenders. Dealer service providers (DSP’s) for digital retail, websites, CRM, and DMS have seen the introduction of new players in this space offering a prettier and more integrated solution. Re-keying data on a consumer and/or the deal is no longer a luxury but a necessity to execute a digital sale.

As for lenders, they were with you at the beginning of this century and are still with you throughout this pandemic. Lenders are also going digital transformation accelerated by the demands of today’s online car buyer and are investing heavily to improve the digital engagement of their products/services. We’ll highlight compelling stats to further support why dealers should engage their lenders as a source of leads/opportunities.

Don’t miss this session led by Gert Ford, Lender Development Director at QuotePro and former Credit App/Digital Retail Solutions Expert at Cox Automotive. We’ll cover the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ for lender-dealer collaboration to drive an automated digital sale.

Sponsored by QuotePro.

Primary Learning Objectives:

1. Enhance the relationship with existing lender partners as a new digital channel
2. Uncover how lenders are a great source for opportunities to increase vehicle sales, but also automate the consumer journey
3. Collaboration with lenders to drive consumer loyalty and retention strategies


Gert Ford

Lender Development Director

With ten years of automotive technology experience, Gert has joined the QuotePro team to lead the growth of AutoQuoter digital offering for lenders.

Most recently, Gert was with Cox Automotive working with OEM’s, Dealer Service Providers, and lenders to drive adoption and automation of the digital sale. Gert started his professional career with Dealertrack implementing hundreds of dealer workstations to integrate DMS Providers to the Dealertrack credit application. His focus shifted to the lender side with over 200 lender implementations onto the credit application network, integrating with several dozen loan origination system providers.

Before his second tour of duty under Cox Automotive, Gert worked within enterprise software sales for CA Technologies, as a Salesforce consultant, and a Marketo platform administrator. He currently resides in New York (Long Island) with his wife and three children.

Lucas Alvarez

Digital Marketing Director

Lucas joined the QuotePro team after having worked in the automotive industry for the last 6 years. Previously, Lucas led Internet Sales and Digital Marketing for a large auto group in Texas. He and his team built a strong digital presence that helped push the auto group to one of the NIADA top 20 national dealers. He joined the QuotePro team to focus on the digital retail solutions and to help dealers navigate the ever increasingly digital world. He currently resides in Raleigh, NC.

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