Many of the digital marketing tactics that used to be top-level performers are dead as we know it, or at least as we’ve known them to be. As the automotive industry takes a giant leap into the digital age, users expect personalization, simplified experiences and information that loads quickly. We understand this ever-evolving landscape and are ready to guide you to the new age of digital marketing. Hear from C-4 V.P. Rob Stoesser, and C-4 Creative Director, Billy Sawyer, to learn how to revive your presence online so users will do what you want them to do – convert.

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Primary Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how website optimization is imperative in today’s digital world
  2. Understand how creative consistency can positively impact your brand’s reputation
  3. Learn how to strategize your online advertising in a way that consumers trust
  4. Explore how to create stronger email campaigns that compliment and convert


Rob Stoesser

Vice President, OEM @C-4 Analytics

Rob Stoesser brings a comprehensive knowledge of and sincere passion for the automotive industry to C-4 Analytics, where he serves as Vice President, OEM. Rob has explored and excelled in many facets of the automotive world for the better part of three decades, working directly with and for dealerships, vendors and manufacturers from around the world.

Billy Sawyer

Creative Director @C-4 Analytics

With 12+ years of creative experience, Billy has had the opportunity to strategize and design for brands large and small. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, the goal is always the same: consistently improve the quality of work while staying competitive in the marketplace. This mindset has not only strengthened the creative strategy for a number of clients, but has also led to his team winning 80+ creative awards over the past five years, including 34 Creative Hermes Awards.

Author: Digital Dealer

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