In a matter of just a few days earlier this year, the Reddit thread WallStreetBets drove one of the greatest stock market shifts in trading history. How did this happen? Because people with an aggressive mindset and ability to identify early opportunity seized the chance created by a market inefficiency. What does this have to do with automotive and your car dealership? EVERYTHING! Automotive is facing its own market inefficiency at the moment with supply shortages rampant across nearly all OEMs. However, just as we saw with WallStreetBets, those who are willing to be aggressive early on have an opportunity to capitalize.

Join Justin Cook, C-4’s Co-Founder and Nerd-In-Chief, and Andrew Silva, C-4’s Account Director and semi-professional DodgeBall player, for an instructive discussion on how to leverage lessons from WallStreetBets to bring dealership profits ‘to the moon’ and win during this inventory challenged landscape!

Sponsored by C-4 Analytics.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the digital strategy that the savviest dealers have employed to maximize profits on both new and used cars during the shortage
  2. Learn how leading dealers are growing profits with their digital campaigns
  3. Learn how the savviest dealers are cornering the market on acquiring inventory to the detriment of their competitors
  4. Better understand the trends happening across the automotive industry with inventory shortages


Justin Cook

Co-Founder, C-4 Analytics

Justin Cook finds truth in numbers and transforms digital marketing through data-driven innovation at C-4 Analytics, an award-winning digital marketing services solution specializing in hyper-targeted behavioral marketing and advanced web analytics. Blending proven marketing strategies with the evolving science of analytics, Justin develops next-generation marketing strategies rooted in the psychology of decision making, yielding results that turn C-4 Analytics’ clients into leaders in their markets.

Andrew Silva

Account Director, C-4 Analytics

Andrew Silva serves as an Account Director at C-4 Analytics. Throughout his tenure, Andrew has brought a keen focus on delivering the highest-touch level of service to dealers and dealer groups from the CS department and takes pride in fostering client relationships that have now lasted a decade.

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