Request for Attendance Approval Template

Copy and paste the below text into a letter or email, customize with the sessions that interest you, and submit to leadership.

I am requesting your approval to attend the upcoming Digital Dealer Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 17-19, 2023.

Digital Dealer’s conference program is uniquely designed for dealerships to stay ahead of the curve by getting actionable insights and ideas that deliver optimal results and ROI. It’s the #1 event focused on innovative tech and cutting-edge strategies for digital marketing, sales, and more.

The 80+ educational sessions and hands-on workshops presented at Digital Dealer will allow me to target the specific goals of our dealership and develop actionable business strategies and solutions to help take our dealership to the next level.

Conference registration plus travel will cost around [Insert Estimated Cost]. I can assure you that the time and money spent away from the dealership will be a long-term, worthwhile investment toward our dealership’s success.

Attending the following Digital Dealer Sessions will particularly help me with:

  • [Add Project or Initiative]
  • [Add Project or Initiative]
  • [Add Project or Initiative]

I will also submit a post-conference report that will include a summary of major takeaways and a list of action items for our dealership to implement.

With your approval, I can register and save with a special discounted rate that’s available now. There are also group discounts available if we have more than four people attending.

Thank you for considering this request.