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Digital Dealer Webinars

Digital Dealer webinars are your one- stop shop for automotive sales training, dealership marketing strategies, leadership education, and more. Whether your team members are in need of a refreshment course to stay current in the automotive industry or consecutive training in dealership education, Digital Dealer webinars are your ultimate live automotive training solution. Each live session is offered at no charge to attendees and provide samples and insight of the in depth content administered at the Digital Dealer Conference and Expo.

Upcoming Webinars

On Demand


VDP Direct Traffic and Google Analytics – Are They Really Friends?

:: November 24, 2015 :: Seriously, who ISN’T confused by VDP analytics? VDPs are arguably the most important part of your dealer’s website and as the people responsible for its success, you need to know how well it’s performing so you can make the right decisions.

  • Presenter: Ian Cruickshank
  • Sponsored By: Speed Shift Media

Is Your VDP Hurting Your SEM?

:: November 10, 2015 :: Digital merchandising plays a critical role when it comes to determining which vehicles to market.

  • Presenter: Shannon McGinley
  • Sponsored By: PureCars

How to Get More Direct VDP Views and Make Them Stick

:: October 27, 2015 :: It’s now an accepted fact: More VDP Views = More cars sold. Studies have also shown that an increase in VDP views is a factor in increasing the speed of sale and contributes to the reduction of stale inventory.

  • Presenter: Ian Cruickshank
  • Sponsored By: Speed Shift Media

The 6 Degrees of Local SEO

:: October 20, 2015 :: Every dealer wants to be on page 1 of search results, but few dealers actually deserve to be there. In this session, Greg will explain how Google calculates local search results

  • Presenter: Greg Gifford
  • Sponsored By: DealerOn

How to Stem the Tide of Your Margin Erosion!

:: October 15, 2015 :: This webinar will address three essential ways to improve your profitability within the dealership. First, you will learn strategies to gain higher gross on your new car sales.

  • Presenter: Tony Rhoades
  • Sponsored By: AutoAlert