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Digital Dealer Webinars

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Keys to Selling More Cars with Touchscreen Technology

:: September 29, 2015 :: Today’s consumer is more digital and more demanding than ever. In the car business, easy access to product information, reviews, ratings and detailed pricing information has made buyers more powerful and put dealers on the defensive.

  • Presenters: Brandi Fletcher, Anne Horn
  • Sponsored By: ViewPoint Interactive Kiosks

Is Your SEO Campaign Working Effectively?

:: September 24, 2015 :: With all of the latest Google algorithm updates, best practices for SEO have changed dramatically. In this session, learn how to tell if your SEO is working effectively and efficiently.

  • Presenters: Nicole Gignac, Nikki Paladino
  • Sponsored By: L2TMedia

Is Your Team Compliant With FCRA? Don’t Guess! Easy Steps to Success

:: September 22, 2015 :: You want to SELL CARS, yet the dealer, and the dealership, is liable if you don’t not only DO the right thing, but PROVE you did the right thing, as regards Red Flag, OFAC, Adverse Action and Risk Based Pricing.

  • Presenter: Ken Hill
  • Sponsored By: 700Credit

Passive Chat vs. a Smart Chat Solution

:: September 15, 2015 :: We will be reviewing our behavioral scoring technology that allows us to target the most active web visitors on our dealers sites.

  • Presenter: Pete Orlando
  • Sponsored By: Gubagoo

5 Ways to Prevent a Sales Process Train Wreck

:: September 8, 2015 :: Every day, dealerships lose money because of poorly designed sales strategies. They are wrecking their chances for success before shoppers even step foot in their showroom.

  • Presenter: Todd Smith
  • Sponsored By: ActivEngage

The Big Revenue Opportunity 80% Of Dealerships Are Missing Out On

:: September 3, 2015 :: Dealerships generated over $500 Million in online sales of OE auto parts and accessories in 2014. Shockingly, this entire market is being captured by less than 20% of dealerships. This leaves a HUGE opportunity for other dealers to start marketing their parts department online.

  • Presenters: Amanda Oppenheim, Ibrahim Mesbah
  • Sponsored By: RevolutionParts