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Supercharge Bay Productivity with Shockwave


Shockwave is a new vehicle lift performance package from Rotary Lift, the world’s most trusted lift company for more than 80 years. Shockwave turns best-selling inground and two-post surface lifts into the world’s fastest lifts, providing higher technician productivity and bay profitability.

Rotary Lift’s exclusive Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lifts and SPOA10 two-post surface lifts are twice as fast as other lifts. They can get a vehicle into the air for service in just 25 seconds, and back on the ground in 19 seconds. Technicians can also position a vehicle on the lift more quickly thanks to Shockwave’s automatic Spotline laser spotting guide.

Shockwave’s unsurpassed speed gives technicians more time to complete the repair and move onto the next job or to conduct an inspection to find additional maintenance needs. In fact, time and motion studies have found that Shockwave-equipped lifts save more than two and a half hours a week, providing an additional $137 in weekly profit for every bay in which they’re installed. That adds up to an additional bay profit of $5,348 per year. To figure out how much more profit your bays could be generating with Shockwave, use the interactive calculator available online at

“Rotary Lift was founded in 1925 when a technician looking for a better way to service cars invented the world’s first automotive hydraulic lift. That innovative spirit continues to drive us to find new ways to help technicians work more efficiently,” says Jim Dirksen, vice president of sales and marketing. “We spent two years talking with technicians and dealers about their ‘pain point’ with vehicle lifts. Then we created the Shockwave package to address their common concerns.”

With more than 50,000 sold, Rotary Lift’s SmartLift is the most popular inground lift. Dealers with existing SmartLift inground lifts can supercharge these proven performers with a new Shockwave retrofit performance package. The retrofit package includes everything necessary to cost-effectively upgrade an existing SmartLift SL210 inground lift into one that is super fast.

New Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lifts are available with the patent-pending Trio superstructure that features low-profile three-stage arms with extended reach or with moveable low-profile pads for unibody vehicles. Lifting capacity of each is 8,000 lbs.

For dealers who prefer surface lifts, Shockwave can be ordered on Rotary Lift’s popular SPOA family of two-post lifts. There are five models to choose from, ranging in capacity from 7,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. Superstructure choices include moveable pads, standard arm packages with flip-up, rubber pad thread-up or truck adapter configurations, and the Shockwave-exclusive pad/arm hybrid that combines a three-stage rear arm with a fixed front pad that also incorporates auxiliary three-stage arms. This patent-pending hybrid superstructure provides the set-up speed of a pad lift with the versatility of a frame-engaging lift.

Shockwave-equipped lifts are battery operated, with built in chargers that run on 110V current. This patent-pending approach eliminates the need for expensive 230V wiring, reducing installation costs by more than 80 percent. Because Shockwave-equipped lifts use less electricity, daily operating costs are also reduced. As an added benefit, a Shockwave-equipped lift can be used even during a power outage.

Rotary Lift two-post and SmartLift inground lifts accelerated by Shockwave have been third-party tested by ETL and ALI certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards.