5/10/2022 1:20 – 2:10 PM

Room: 123


Shaun Raines


Dealer SuperHero

Shaun Raines is a failed rock star who lost a bet and ended up in the car business. Turns out, Shaun landed in the automotive industry at the beginning of the digital age and was surrounded by automotive internet pioneers who inspired him.

In 1991, Shaun became the youngest facility manager for parts and accessories giant Worldpac. As the digital age was emerging, Shaun landed an opportunity with the Reynolds and Reynolds team that launched Microsoft Carpoint and Automark Web Services. He also led automotive teams at ReachLocal , DrivingSales and DealerOn. Currently, Shaun is the owner of Dealer SuperHero and the VP of Marketing at the elite automotive BDC STROLID.

Digital Dealer