5/9/2022 1:10 – 2:00 PM

Room: Keynote Hall


David Farmer

Founder and CEO

intice, Inc.

David Farmer is the founder and CEO of intice, Inc., a technology company in the automotive industry. An entrepreneur and pioneer at heart, David has a passion for the automotive industry, technology, and marketing and has more than 20 years of direct experience in automotive retail. David opened his first business at age 23, an independent used car dealership. He then moved on to run successful auto sales operations from large corporate-owned franchise dealerships to private, open point start-ups, including a brand new Toyota dealership that sold 1,000+ vehicles in its first 90 days of opening. In 1999, David created ePencil, his first technology product and the first automotive desking software system of its type. Desking tools modeled on David’s software are now a universal standard for nearly every car dealership in the world. David founded intice in 2011 and serves as its CEO. Bootstrapping this company, David has grown intice from an idea into a successful and profitable company.

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