10/11/2022 9:00 – 9:50 AM

Room: Keynote Hall


Robert Crowley

Sales Director

Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa

Robert Crawley is the Sales Director of Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa. When he first started in automotive, he was a BDC representative in a very forward-thinking store. He grew from that position into a sales role, getting promoted to internet sales. And then, he was given his first opportunity to start a BDC from scratch with a Nissan store. With his help, the store went from 130 units to topping out at 303 units. His BDC directly accounted for 182 of those sales and held numbers that produced nearly 60% of the store’s volume month over month. From there, he took on an opportunity to lead an Acura store, all within the same group as the New Car Director. He built a system there of a cradle-to-grave sales team that helped the store increase its volume by nearly 40%. Today, he is with Ferman Auto group as a sales manager, finding massive growth over the last four years by helping link the store to their offsite corporate-run BDC. That growth led them to become the number one store in their zone. They are also currently in the top 30 in the country. Robert has built his entire career around helping stores in solving the issue of how to grow numbers by capitalizing on lead opportunities.

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