10/12/2022 11:00 – 11:30 AM

Room: Expo Stage – Booth 229


Joe Dallas

Chief Business Officer


Whether it’s scaling businesses or one of his many other interests, Joe Dallas pushes the boundaries and is always looking for new ways to improve. Growing up in a family business, Joe began his working career at the age of 14, could read a P&L by 16, and was running his first company at 19, all before startups were cool.

Joe was first introduced to automotive 10 years ago, and quickly found a place to marry work ethic within a digitally underdeveloped industry. Building his first automotive startup to over 700 customers, Joe came to have an in-depth understanding of creating and marketing products focused on consumer experience and conversion.

In early 2016, Joe joined TradePending to assist in bringing the company’s disruptive products to the market. Enjoying both incredible growth and industry accolades, TradePending and its dynamic team are now recognized as industry leaders in automotive technology.

Digital Dealer