10/12/2022 2:10 – 3:00 PM



David Stringer



As Founder and CEO of Insignia Group, David Stringer has helped thousands of dealerships to prioritize and maximize their accessory sales over the last 20 years. David could see the often neglected importance of accessory sales during the vehicle sales process, especially as the internet and eCommerce sites became more important. He helped curate a software system that would enable dealers to scale their accessory sales, improve CSI, make interdepartmental communication easier than ever, and maximize vehicle sales revenue, no matter the size of the inventory. David is a speaker and writer in the automotive industry, who has served on several industry boards throughout the years. When he’s not revolutionizing the automotive industry, he is a serial entrepreneur and mentor to start-ups. David is a partner in an entrepreneurial center called the Gravity Center in Rock Hill, SC.

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