10/11/2022 2:10 – 3:00 PM

Room: Montego A


Danny Zaslavsky

General Manager, Country Hill Motors

& Managing Partner, VINCUE

Danny Zaslavsky grew up in a dealership. Literally. He is now the General Manager of his family’s independent dealership in Kansas City, but his earliest memories are following his dad around the showroom and talking to customers.

Under this leadership, Country Hill Motors has grown and expanded averages over 200 units per month between retail and wholesale. Always passionate about technology and automation, Danny has challenged and partnered software vendors across the industry to make sure he has the best data and the best tools that maximize gross and turn.

In 2019, Danny put his knowledge, passion, and his natural entrepreneurial spirit to the test by investing in VinCue – where he now splits his time between the dealership and the company that’s innovating on his ideas and experience.

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