Where does Hosted Dealer take place?

Hosted Dealer will be held in the expo hall.

What is the schedule? When do I need to arrive?

Digital Dealer will send the time/date for the program(s) you’re participating in.  Vendors participating should arrive at least five minutes before their program start time. 

What happens if I am 5 or 10 minutes late?

All meetings are timed, so if you’re late, you will miss meetings and potentially be unable to participate in the program. 

What happens if I need to have someone else from my company participate in my place?

Participant substitutions are not permitted. Unfortunately, only the person who was originally designated as the participant can be part of the program. 

What is the format?

It’s a fast-paced speed networking program where you will have a series of 1:1 meetings. You start at one table and rotate every 3 minutes to meet with another dealership participant 1:1 (dealership attendees stay seated at their table). 

Are there guidelines for the 3-minute meetings?

Once you receive the list of attendees participating, we recommend familiarizing yourself with their dealership and coming prepared with your planned elevator pitch. Successful meetings are conversational in nature. 

Can I bring a business card?

Yes, you can bring a business card, but distributing other items during the program is not allowed.

When will I receive the list of participants?
  • Pre-Show List (includes company names and participant job titles) will be shared one week prior to the show 
  • Post-Event Participant List (includes name, job title, company name, mailing address, phone, and email) shared one week after the event)* 

*Please ensure you sign the Data Protection Agreement (a requirement before the list can be deployed) by Oct. 1 to ensure you receive the list in a timely manner. 

Is there a separate pass for Hosted Dealer?

Hosted dealer participants will have a regular conference and expo badge with a symbol printed on it to indicate they are participating in Hosted Dealer. When you’re at the event registration desk to pick up your badge for the show, you will also receive a Hosted Dealer participant ribbon. Please have this ribbon on your badge during the Hosted Dealer program.  

Can I record/photograph Hosted Dealer?

Photography / videography is not permitted without written permission from Digital Dealer Show Management.